Beginning in 2011 I wanted an alternative to my medications (blood pressure, anxiety and sleep). I discovered neurofeedback and it has changed my life! I no longer take medication for my sleep and anxiety. Overtime, I even dropped 20 pounds and no longer need blood pressure medication. Neurofeedback has given me focus, better listening skills and patience. My co-workers even noticed that I don’t get worked up about situations since I started neurofeedback. I am happy and feel balanced.
44 year old woman who came to treatment for anxiety and sleep issues

If anyone is having issues about sleep, anxiety and improving oneself with creativity and motivation please take the time and try neurofeedback. I have completed my sessions and I can’t believe how well I am doing! But I still go in for a “tune-up” from time to time (maybe once every 4-6 months). It is like taking your car in for a tune-up. I feel like my “brain” needs a tune up just as well. We exercise, eat right and go in for our checkups. Why not take care of our “brain”, too?
35 year old woman who came to treatment for anxiety and sleep issues

I started NF last year and it has changed my life. I started my sessions because of my sleep issues. But it has taken care of more than that, I am so much more calm and happier. I am easy to live with (at least that is what my wife says!). I think I am even a little smarter. The main thing is it has changed my life.
72 year old male who came to treatment for sleep issues

My 9-year old daughter has suffered from anxiety for several years but last year it escalated to a new level. She was having daily panic attacks, paranoia, and OCD behaviors. We had tried everything and I felt hopeless. Neurofeedback training was an answer to prayer. Within weeks, she was noticeably calmer and less anxious. We just finished her 20-week session and she is like a new person. She’s happy, more outgoing, and able to just be a kid! I am forever grateful to Monica and her team for bringing my daughter out of the bondage of her anxiety.
Mom of 9 year old daughter who came to treatment for anxiety and panic attacks

Our experience with NFB has been nothing short of amazing. Our 7 year old son struggled with ADD and anger: tantrums, grumpiness, inability to lose at anything without a huge meltdown, and the bad mood would “stick” to him for hours afterward. He was in constant motion in class which was making school increasingly unpleasant for him. I noticed a change in him after our second session. He was walking toward me to show me a Lego creation he’d just finished when he tripped and it smashed apart on our tile floors. I braced for impact, he looked at the bits all over the floor….and “laughed”. He’s since completed 20 sessions, and while he still has his moments—he is still 7 after all—he recovers so much more quickly and is easier to talk to when he’s upset. His bad mood doesn’t “stick” anymore. School has also become manageable, he’s still high energy but he’s able to focus when he needs to. I cannot recommend NFB highly enough. We’ve started it with our 3 year old son who was showing similar tantrums; I’m 42 with ADD and will be starting NFB as soon as our 3 year old is done!
Mom of 7 and 3 year old who brought her child to treatment for anger outbursts and ADD