What is Counseling?

With counseling, we provide non-judgmental caring support in a friendly and reassuring environment.

Pinnacle Mental Wellness Group uses psychotherapy, or counseling, and neurofeedback together to heal the mind and brain, create lasting change and recovery, and attain better mental wellness. We work with patients to help you understand the triggers or stressors that cause you to act in an unhealthy manner. We calmly explore negative experiences and feelings which may result in problematic behaviors, or the inability to cope with everyday activities. Once this understanding is formed, you can resolve painful feelings, change self-destructive habits, improve relationships, and lead your best possible life.

Clients who have had difficulty finding healing in other places often find they can truly express themselves at Pinnacle. We have created a counseling center where patients of all backgrounds, ages, orientations, genders, sizes, beliefs, social status, and professions can come and feel accepted and welcome. You will find success here because this is a place to be who you are without judgment or criticism, and find a path toward healing, hope and purpose.

What Happens in a Counseling Session?

Pinnacle is a licensed provider of individualized treatments for people who need help bolstering their confidence and finding tools to overcome the emotions that hold them back from breaking through to mental wellness. Traits we bring to our therapy sessions include listening, compassion, honesty, humor, warmth and love.

Though no two counseling sessions are alike, our goal is to help you identify positive goals for yourself and to determine the steps needed to achieve them. You can expect that we will listen attentively in a calm and supportive manner, ask appropriate questions to guide the conversation, provide feedback, and build a positive counseling experience. We will provide you with insights, tools and ideas you can use to address and resolve issues that are causing you mental and emotional pain. We provide counseling in several ways to help you face and deal with problems that are causing disruption in your life:

  • Individual Counseling: This is a collaborative process which is designed to facilitate change and improve the quality of your life. We help you confront barriers that are interfering with your emotional and mental well-being, and increase positive feelings such as courage, compassion, self-esteem, love, and peace. Individual counseling can treat specific mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, or everyday concerns such as relationship problems, stress management, career ambitions, or other issues that may affect your mental well-being.
  • Couple’s Counseling: This counseling supports people in relationships who may be considering separation, or those seeking improved intimacy and understanding. The relationship is the focus here, although each partner also works on self-awareness and self-improvement. Counseling can be helpful for couples who are just embarking on a long-term relationship as well, to help them explore differences in value systems, set expectations, establish effective communication channels, and assess compatibility.
  • Family Counseling: Here we address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family as a whole. This might include life transitions, mental health conditions, or behavioral problems. It can also give family members tools to deal with emotional, substance abuse or food issues that one member may have. We may work individually or as a group to promote understanding, compassion and collaboration.
  • Child, Adolescent and Teen Counseling: Growing up in today’s world can sometimes be a difficult, confusing and frightening experience. Children often deal with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or obsessive compulsive disorder due to home or school tensions, or personal development issues. Many also face daily difficulties due to ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, bullying, or lack of social skills.

How Can Counseling Benefit You?

Our aim in counseling is simply to help you achieve a higher state of mental health. Many patients say they find the counseling experience to be liberating, motivating and even somewhat enjoyable. Our sessions can help you:

  • Make appropriate lifestyle changes.
  • Build better relationships with those around you.
  • Identify underlying causes of mental health issues.
  • Develop specific skills, strategies and techniques for training your brain and transforming your life.

Counseling at Pinnacle Mental Wellness Group gives you the tools you need to face life’s challenges.